Lyrics Odyssey



Gone before the dawn

Never on the phone

Acting like a player

But you say you’re alone

Don’t think I’m a fool

You need to decide

If you really want me

Or along for jus the ri (de)


I want to know If

She means much more than I do

Is she number one?

Or does get the same treatment too


Baby tonight I’m gonna save us

Live out your fantasy

Baby tonite you won’t forget it

Go down in history

Baby tonite I’m gonna let ya

Do what I need to please

Gonna re-play this in your dreams

For life


I suspect that you

Won’t reveal the truth

Lying comes real easy

When you got so much to lose

You don’t have to hide

Tell me where you been

Maybe second fiddle

But I’m planning for a win


I want to know

If she means much more than I do

Do you lie to her

I bet she feels the same way as I do


I..yeah , got reason for leavin you

But something makes stay

I can’t give up no way


I - never met no one like you

Can’t stand to take the pain

If I  lose this time again

Neva Fall

Every time you come around

I know the score

You do it and run

Every time you come around


Know I’m just here for you to

Use like a fool

While you play around

Well I’m not down anymore


I’ll never fall in love again

I’ll never fall in love again


I was so hopelessly new

Nothing to prove

Fresh and innocent

Didn’t think I’d be abused


You can weave all of your spells

Take them to hell

Cause that’s where they belong

You can not harm me no more

Love lost its inncence with

I'm leaving you in shame

Craving a new path

Wiping away the tears



Amaze Me

You know I am too proud to admit I’m wrong

You don’t blame, quick to judge

Pick me up make me strong


You’re my rock

When I’m down you pull me through

Won’t forget

How proud I am your my one and only

I can’t lose with you


You simply amaze me

The love you give

Feels incredible


You simply amaze me

The light you shine   

I feel invincible


I try hard but feel I am standing still

Get so stressed doubting if

I will ever belong with you


Then you look at me 

Simply can’t believe

On our way


So solidly


So glad I took the chance

It only took one glance

To tell me


What I feel



Call Me

I’ve been sitting tight

Waiting here all night

For my tele ping


I’m behaving well

Not texting you

Like you told me

Don’t worry at all



Baby please let me know

When you’re all alone

Call me

Baby I got to know

If you’re all alone

Call me


When the time is right

You said you gonna

Leave her baby

And be with me


I know it’s no game

But a cryin shame

It’s torture

To be with you


Star Child


I know words go unspoken

I have been chosen

Now I realise

No more fear of the future

Cause it’s inside me

Finding my destiny


I’m a Starchild

I’m a Starchild


I see what no one else sees

It use to scare me

So I’d hide away

No lon-ger feel the confines

Expanding my mind

Out of this world




Side Game

I took walk downtown

Was upset at what I found

A girl and you


I had you in my sights

Putting out all the signs

There could be no doubt

I don’t wanna play side games

If it’s all the same

I must confess

I think its for the best



I spied you after work

Jokin’ ‘ round with friends

You look real fly


I’s acting like a fool

Following home from school

Like a little --girl


No I can't be that girl

Cannot be in teh world

Can't abide

Got my Pride

Can't stand by 

In My life



Is this a fantasy

Or my imagination?

Leading you thru the door

To state my true intention


 There’s something I wanna say

I gotta secret crush

Something’s coming

Are you going to make my day

I’m not about to fuss

Over nothing


I had my doubts

But now I feel we’re drawing closer

Glances across the floor

I feel it more than ever


I never saw you in that way till I

Push the button to reset

I saw you in a new light

Now it’s up to me

Gonna make you mine





I met this  dreamy guy

After me for sometime

Finally played along


Things switched to overdrive

It got wild we    got hi

Simply lost control



Felt so good that time around

Baby can you nail it down

Looking for a replay

Listen -  when I make that sound

Baby don’t you mess around

Looking for a replay


 (Rewind it back - Again)



He’s not the perfect guy

Comes on strong

Not my type

But life ain’t perfect


I got no regrets

Now I done cross the line

I’m here for the benefits




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