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I’d Rather Be Alone

Today was not a happy day

Drop my bag

Fell to the floor

Got some news I wanted to unknow

Just when I thought our plans were made

Life dealt me a killer blow

Didn’t want to  let it show



If it’s all the same to you

Tonite I be staying in

Please don’t hang around

I’ll  only bring you down


See I got some work to do

To kill the guilt inside

Please Hang Up the Phone

I’d Rather be alone


I knew this day would finally come

Nothing good happened in my past

Life caught up with me so fast

Just when you think you’re in the clear

Devil taunts me once again

Drags me back so I remain


I try to leave it all behind

But the past won’t quit



Let’s go where we can’t go

Take a walk

Just you and me

I got pleasure to seek

In me

You know I 

Like it Freaky


Welcome to the show

No one gonna see us

Stay close, here we go

Sneak into the back row Woah


Sit back Relax

Know you’re pleased to see me

Don’t be afraid

Let me show you the way


Bet you never seen

Anyone quite like me

Surface look so sweet

Till you get to know me


I was raised well nice

Well heeled and polite

But I’m tired of being told

So now I’m only doing me



Oh Sorry babe I can’t quit

But I hope you like it

Oh I just can’t deny it

So Hurry up and try it






Katy felt misunderstood

Wasn't more than fifteen when she ran away

In and out of school

She did not fit in


No one heard her cries for help

Her folks tried to talk to, but they made no sense

Fell into despair

She went missing


Oh Kate

I can’t believe its you

Never take this life again

For granted


Oh God

I thank you everyday

The miracle you gave our lives

New meaning


Time had passed before we'd seen

She was nearly twenty when she came back home

We dropped onto our knees

We’re  so happy


Katy tried hard to explain

How she found a friend who took her in

Said it was Ok

Todays a brand new day


Love your fam

keep them real close

Be patient love will prevail



Everyday Hustle 

Sun’s up its another day
To get up and do some other things
I be on my hustle non stop
And you know that the party don’t stop
Tryna make a mil in my twenties
Sign a major deal yeah I mean this
Imma make it big real soon
They gon know I’m too cool

I wanna ball out to the Caribbeans
I wanna live life enjoy the happy things
But I gotta work work work work
And I'm moving up up up up

Up every morning tryna get my pay
And we Hustle til the sun down everyday
Yeah we going all the way
We ain’t got no time waste

Up every morning tryna get my pay
And we Hustle til the sun down everyday
Yeah we going all the way
And we ain’t got no time waste

7 days a week I be on my grind
I don’t play at all can’t be losing time
I wanna celebrate
It’s been a couple hella days
I just wanna live my life yeah yeah
Knowing imma be alright yeah yeah
Everything will be just fine yeah yeah
And my money’s will be all mine yeah yeah

Up every morning tryna get my pay
And we Hustle til the sun down everyday
Yeah we going all the way
And we ain’t got no time waste

Up every morning tryna get my pay
And we Hustle til the sun down everyday
Yeah we going all the way
We ain’t got no time waste

This is the life I live
I just be doing my thing
I ain’t ever gon quit
You can't kill my dreams

This is the life I live
I just become my thing
I ain’t ever gon quit
You can never kill my dreams

Lose Control 


Caught me off guard I like your form

Didn’t belong then I got drawn

Pushed you away it seemed so wrong

Then I got to know you

We don’t play games we both onboard

When you come round the feeling strong

I, think I must be dreaming


Baby I’m down for what you want

Rock it till the break of dawn

Baby I Baby I Baby I

Drop it all night I let it go

Rock it till I cannot take no more

Baby I Baby I Lose Control


We from different sides of town

Folks don’t want you hanging round

They think you’re beneath my  kind

Won’t let them divide us no


'Cause we fit together perfectly

Never end it I’d rather be

I, with no-one else around


In so deep you caught me cold

So complete fulfil my soul

Lazy days

In my bed

Take your time

We in real deep


Baby you got me on a roll

Flood my senses till I lose control

Give it all

Don’t hold back

Do it right

Enjoy the flight


So deep,

You caught me cold


Fulfil my soul

In deep

We on a roll




Take a look at your life

Running ragged to make it

Don’t you ever wish you could escape

So stressed its outta control

Rather be me than you

Somehow you got lost along the way 

Close your eyes feel free


I’m coasting all the way

'M Cali Breezin’

Feel free to take my own sweet time

Never left out in the cold 

Do you feel me

Don’t let the race dictate your fate

Let’s get it started


There’s no need to hang back

You can catch a ride with me

It’s a one way ticket



Catch me on the roadside

Fixin for a ride

Leave your troubles behind

Never feel blue   



Come with me

Feel the Breeze

Skies no limit


I Got Your Back

I feel really fortunate
To have family like you
Fifteen and going strong
We keep it rolling on and on

Thick n thin with y’all
There is nothing I wouldn’t do
Keep it tight , yeah we cool
Never give it up on you

Rainy Day
You think it’s all over 
Journey to the light
BF split
No need to feel sorry
I got you and you got me yeah

Need some cash
I got my girl covered
You can have it all
You don’t have to pay me back
What’s mine is yours
I got your back

All the way back in school
We were a solid crew
Handle the business right
I stood by your side

We didn't suffer fools
Tho' our back against the wall
When I win you win
Friends until the end

You don’t know who your friends are
Till they pass the test of time
Will they push you away
People come and people go
But I'll never walk away
Sistahood is here to stay

There for you anytime
There for you on call
Be there for anytime at all

Just Like Debbie Said

Do you ever feel
She's batting for the wrong team?
It's ok
But do you really love it?

You don't
Have to play her game
Do what's right
And you'll feel good
Really Really....good

That's right
It happened like Debbie Said
That's him on the right
One to your left

That's right
It happened just like she said
I wasn't there
But I hear he deserves it 

Dressed in her blues
Planted him with Charlie
Got her off
Didn't even know him no no

Said she needed a favor
Do me right
'N we be livin' a Rockstars life

Hey baby
I know we brewing up a storm
If you do me right
We heading for the bigtime
We heading for the bright life

Can I count on you
If it gets lil sticky
Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay

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