Lyrics America


Tell You When I’m Done 

I’m not keeping the score

Playing it my way

I scrap,

‘N no one fight’s back


Keep it over proof

Climbing the ranks

Doing it the hard way

No we ain’t through

Till we make it rain


Went from dollar bills

Now we tossing bands

I promise not to bother you

I be chillin’ in my space coupe

Catch me in the act

Stackin’ up racks

I’ve only just begun

Wait up

I Tell you When I’m done


I been truckin’ along

Taking no prisoners

Got to stay real strong

Flexing on demand


Fight to stay on top

Clearing the cobs

Making hard choices

If they looking to point the blame

It’s time to change the game


Better catch up

Better catch up quick

Better catch up

Better catch up quick


If you wanna play my game

Die sick Die Young

But always die rich


Come and get that cash

Stacking up the racks


Better catch up

Better catch up quick


Three steps forward

One giant leap back

But what do I know

I’m just a girl from Keystone


Just because you think

I’ve had  enough

Do you think I’ll ever stop

Thinking of you

All that you did



Just because I had a taste of it

Did you think I’d cave and crumble in

Hard to find

Shoes that fit

I’m not selling out  the truth

Oh America

Sweet America

Will you be there like

They promised way back when

Know your very fond

Catching green

That the only game?

Can I play too?

If I be your all American

American  girl


Had to double up

To make ends meet

No one gave a damn I figured I

Not their type

Not their kind

At all


Had to double up to carve a path

Tried to drown out my innocence

Striking back

Throw back the cash

Make my mama proud?


Oh yeah yeah yeah

I know our time will come

When they are voted down

We show the quo is done

New dawn has just begun


Don’t let them grind you down

You belong

They are wrong

Fight on


Oh yeaaah

That’s Right That’s’ Living in America

Fight On That’s Living in America



Absolutely Yours



I like you smile

And the way you fix your hair

Let’s not pretend 

You know the score

Time for us  to bring it home


Don’t need permission

The green light shining on

It’s you that I ‘m feeling

I’m Hondo P

Absolutely sure  


Best find a place we can meddle

‘cause I’m totally gonna meddle with you

Lets find a place we can meddle

‘cause I’m totally gonna meddle with you



Sweet Boy

Think you’re a Perfect ten

I like your style check

Loving your confidence check check

I put a hex on you 

If  walk away

I got you

You got me Hondo P

I’m Absolutely Yours


We alright

Is it alright with you


Hello Hello Hello

Are you going my way?

I saw you once before

Didn’t catch your name

I get to know you

Come out and show you

…What life is for

Try hard to stay true

Promise to leave you..

Coming back for more


Hello Hello Hello

Are you going my way?

I saw you once before

Didn’t catch your name


Tired of fooling

No sense in duelling

Come sit with me

Not one for bragging

Left your jaw hangin

I’m a different breed


Gotta say what have to say

Gonna do what I’m gonna  do

Ahh ain’t no one gonna

Tear me down

No one can stop me

I do it my way


Is it a no go?

Play like you don’t know

What’s going down

It’s not my problem

I Not be robbing

To take the crown


Tired of fooling

Tired of Fooling around again  

I’m not fooling

Tired of messing around again 


Ride w Me 

Is this in my head

I got plans for us Baby

Go hard or go home


Let’s go for a ride

Let’s go for a ride baby

Take me by the hand

Let’s go For a ride


Maybe I’m in the mood

Bought my stash

Just in case

It’s on


You gotta come correct

Make the case

Go beyond

To prove

Please make your move yeah



I’m kinda sensing you

Feel some trepidation

To me

I been testing you

To see if I belong

Want to carry on yeah yeah


What you gonna do

If he’s fakin’

Kick him to the kerb

What you gonna say

If you’re mistaken

Tell him to back off

Before we get started


You gotta prove to me


I Don’t Give  AF

I heard it from a friend

Close quarters

No one knows

It’s coming to an end


I’m playin it for keeps

I know

I know

I know how to keep a man

I know what to do

I got this on lock

Its time you step down

(Turn it up)

This shii its on lock

I don’t give a f***

 I go for what I want I want I want


There ain’t no rule

That I won’t break

I Know

I know

You’re too cute to let slip away


It was her mistake

To let you go

Rat tatata

Look out

I’m at the door



I got this on lock

I got this on lock

This shii its on lock

I don’t give a f***