Un-released Early Demos 


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Stories Behind The Songs



Written after reading a crazy news article about Kanye West. It morphed into something broader and wound up being an ode  to Christine Blazey Ford's and all the brave people who put their reputation on the line in the name of truth.


New Americans

Inspired by a news piece I saw on TV about a couple of "DACA" kids who joined the reserves, served their country and were facing deportation. Didn't make any sense to me.

The Day America Cried


Written in response to Charlottesville Attack August 2017 in Virginia.

A documentary  about Emmit Till months later  prompted me write

the song which turned out to be about Heather Heyer, the tragic victim from that day.

I am proud to say that Susan Bro, Heather's mother approved of it .


Save The Day

Little dig at 45 and his Cohorts MTG & Co. They are haters , acomplish nothing and spread lies from cradle to grave.


Quiet Girl

Based on "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. Based on a scene in my head where Hazel meets Augustus 




Inspired by incidents where black people are harrassed by "Karens". The opening sound bite is the fellas arrested in Starbucks for being black . The 1st verse refers to someone I knew who's dad left her at birth. I took her to see him for the first time 30 years later. He was homeless on the streets.


Virtual Superstar

Sparked by backlash to Pewdie Pie

A reflection on what it must be like to keep fans happy after a misstep. Trying to maintain an image that is impossible to keep.


Based on a group of stoners from my band in the late 90s who lived from one hit to the next just to mask the pain.




I moved from Uk to Florida.Then from Florida to California. Cruising the Cali Streets lined with palm trees and mountain back drops..Well what can I say ,the song wrote itself !

Get It Heard

Written in response to Vegas massacre in 2017 and subsequent government unwillingness to impose sensible gun reform. The track won a place in the 2018 Indie song writing contest.


A Better Man

The story was inspired by Donnell Jones TV One -Unsung Documentary.

The title came from a movie called - As Good As it Gets. There’s a scene where Melvin (played by Jack Nicholson) says to Carol (played by Helen Hunt)  “You make me want to be a better man.” I was floored when I heard it. It stayed buried with me for years and surfaced  on Rewind.

All For Us

Born out of love and respect for all the single mothers who touched my life. 

This song together with Better Man were written in the same day.  

This  is China the voice behind "Wait"doing a cover of Alicia Keys If I Ain't Got You

Street performers Dancing in the Rain to Sunstone

Promo Videos

This video is a acoustic cover of Hope made by a fan.

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